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Grandmother's Place
Allison Lonsdale 1989
Live at Lestat's, Disc One, Track 11

In the streets of a northern city, in a used bookstore, an espresso bar
Somebody looked at me with Coyote's eyes, playing acoustic avatar
He said Follow me woman I'll need your hands
And I'll need your voice and your old guitar
There's a party tonight down at Grandmother's place
You won't really have to go too far

          Just over the freeway and through the smog
          Follow buffalo soldier and black foot dog
          The fire in my head lights up my face
          I'm on my way to Grandmother's place

Chasing a Zah down the yellow brick road
'Till we came to a door in the earth that glowed
A voice said, Granddaughter lay down your load and come on in and have a beer
Jesus was drunk and Mohammed was stoned
Gautama hallucinates all on his own
Confucius stood off in the corner alone saying What the hell's going on here?

     And the Sufis were teaching the Sidhe how to twist and shout
     While Asherah threw Yahweh into the pool
     Inanna was taking Persephone down to the basement to reminisce
     And Lilith and Vashti were chosen the Queens of Misrule

          Just over the barbed wire and through the wall
          Grandmother's lodge can hold us all
          The fire in my head lights up my face
          I'm on my way to Grandmother's place

Pan and Gabriel were blowing their horns
While I tried on somebody's crown of thorns
I was as drunk as the day I was born but somehow I was still up and walking
The serpent was telling old tales to the goat
While Manannan and Amon-Re were talking 'bout boats
And Mescalito was taking notes while Our Lady Sophia was talking

     Isis and Mary were bitching 'bout their uppity sons
     The band played loud enough to wake up most of the dead
     Kali was giving Susanna suggestions on what she could do to the elders
     And Judith and Salome were making bad double entendres about giving head

          Just over the river and through the woods
          Where the food is loud and the music's good
          The fire in your head lights up your face
          So come on down to Grandmother's place

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