This is about pretty much everything Spider Robinson has ever written.

Learning to be Human
© Allison Lonsdale 1993
Live at Lestat's, Disc One, Track 13

We rise -- we remember
We recover -- we regret
Revelations, resolutions
Expectations ever met

We sink -- we surrender
We resurface -- we survive
No salvation, no easy solutions
If it hurts you’re still alive

          Hold on -- we are learning to be human
          Hold out -- there are answers down the line
          Hold up your end of the agreement
          Hold fast and you will become divine

We create -- we consider
We contrive -- we control
Complications, convolutions
Correspondence of the soul

We dream -- we discover
We disorder -- we define
Destinations, dissolution
No illusions this time

          Hold on -- we are sending and receiving
          Hold out -- we are reaching for the sky
          Hold up the weight of all your promises
          Hold fast and you will learn how to fly

          Hold on -- we go back to the beginning
          Hold out -- we continue to the end
          Hold up the burden of your worthiness
          Hold fast and you will come home again

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