Inspired by the antiheroine of Nancy Collins' vampire hunting novels.

Sonja Blue
© Allison Lonsdale 1999
Live at Lestat's, Disc One, Track 3

It's a question of a predator
And a matter of sheep
It's the power of the sacred whore you pray to from the edge of sleep

Did you call me too demanding
When you felt the cartilage crack?
Well I have a little understanding with the monkey on my back

        You look at me in fear and wonder
        As if you've never been here before
        You donít know much about hunger, do you, little herbivore?

It's a question of a sacrament
And a matter of a jones
It's a hunger so intent it'll take the flesh right off your bones

Can you taste hot metal in your mouth?
Are you looking for the exit door?
My human side might let you out -- but she's not here any more

        You're trying to fight the truth
        As if you ever had the chance
        Nature's red in claw and tooth, now take your place for the old dance

It's a question of a carnivore
And a matter of meat
It's the place where the tissue tore and it's finding that sensation sweet

Do you think it's frightening?
Does it fit you like a key to a lock?
Don't go kissing lightning if you can't take a mouthful of shock

        You're trying to fight the pain
        As if you've never been here before
        You donít know much about the food chain, do you, little herbivore?

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